Rachel Lindsay

is a Burlington, Vermont-based cartoonist.

Her comic strip - Rachel Lives Here Now - appears weekly in Vermont's alternative newspaper Seven Days, and has gained wide acclaim for its humorous take on Vermont-centric themes. She also appears in Issue #4 of James Kochalka's "Superfuckers Forever" series, and the femme alt-comics newspaper "The Ladybroad Ledger." Her debut graphic novel, RX: A Graphic Memoir, will be released in September of 2018 (preorder now)

She has appeared on Vermont Public Radio's Vermont Edition and Weekly Conversation on the Arts, as well as in Eva Sollberger's web video series Stuck in Vermontand was named a cartoonist to watch by the Comics Reporter in 2017.

She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she created the first graphic novel thesis in any undergraduate or graduate program. Read A Comic of Age reviewed on Comixology.


Time-lapse filmed by Meghan O'Rourke - August 2015. Music "Maybe it's Love," by R, 2007.

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