Rachel Lives here now

Witness life in Vermont through the eyes of a former New Yorker who looks forward to becoming a bonafide Vermonter someday. Catch it on the newsstands every week in Seven Days, or see it online.



Best of The Web

Before it was in the paper, it was a webcomic. Frolic among the greatest hits of the first 3 years of Rachel Lives Here Now.


The wizard of life

When Weston "West" Gilmore's couchy kush lifestyle is in financial jeopardy, his desperation leads him to The Wizard of Life - who guides him on quests for unlimited marijuana.

This print-only comic series chronicles the adventures of Weston and the ornery wizard who gives him hope.


Weston the Stoner

Meet Weston, the Phish-headed Trustafarian UVM student with a heart of gold, and too much weed for his own good. This limited blog showcases the early comics about Weston, before the release of "The Wizard of Life."


Rated r

Sometimes, my life gets a little too real for Rachel Lives Here Now. Enter Rated R, my quarterly zine showcasing all work that is weird, not funny, and Rated R. Access to this blog is available through purchase of the print comic only. Contact me for a copy.