RX: A Graphic Memoir

In her early twenties in New York City, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Rachel Lindsay takes a job in advertising in order to secure healthcare coverage for her treatment. But work takes a strange turn when she is promoted onto the Pfizer account and suddenly finds herself on the other side of the curtain, developing ads for an antidepressant drug. After months behind the curtain, she becomes manic and quits her job, only to be involuntarily hospitalized by her parents.Over the course of her two weeks in the ward, she struggles in the midst of doctors, nurses, patients and endless rules to find a path out of the hospital and this cycle of treatment. One where she can live the life she wants, finding freedom and autonomy, without sacrificing her dreams in order to stay well.


Rachel Lives Here Now

Life in Vermont is somethin’ else, bud. Check out my weekly comic strip that appears in Vermont’s newspaper Seven Days. Going strong since the day I moved here in 2013.

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Best of RLHN the WEBCOMIC!

Before it was in the paper, it was a webcomic. Frolic among the greatest hits of the first three years of my strip.

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…wouldn’t you like to know…


The wizard of life

When Weston "West" Gilmore's couchy kush lifestyle is in financial jeopardy, his desperation leads him to The Wizard of Life - who guides him on quests for unlimited marijuana.

This print-only comic series chronicles the adventures of Weston and the ornery wizard who gives him hope.